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With over 100 implementations behind us, we’ve got the experience to make your project a success. Here are just a few of our customer success stories.

Just a few of our customer success stories

Transformation, Delivered:
Salling Group

Discover how Danish retail giant Salling Group successfully built its first grocery home delivery service at turbo-speed during COVID-19, and why the company is set fair for the era of digital and personalised commerce.

The Co-op

Together with Naveo Commerce and Bringg, Co-op scales up and optimizes convenient grocery eCommerce, pick up and delivery.


Frictionless commerce for both B2B and D2C markets


Supporting Growth from £30m to £380m


Discover how Naveo Commerce delivered a customer experience fit for one of Italy's most iconic brands.

S Group

How Naveo Commerce delivered an on-demand world-class experience to over 500,000 users in Finland.

Other Video Case Studies

*You might be wondering why our video case studies mention Maginus and/or Digital Goodie….Digital Goodie acquired Maginus back in December 2019. The two products have now combined and in September 2020 Naveo Commerce was born!

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