D2C eCommerce

Direct to Consumer eCommerce

Your Naveo multi-channel, multi-marketplace D2C offer puts you exactly where you most need to be – in your customers’ eyeline.

Serious about Direct to Consumer (D2C)? Then get serious about your D2C strategy.

Tired by the limitations of handing profits over to wholesalers, distributors and retailers? Fed up with your brand being misrepresented? Looking to dial back the costs and forge better relationships with your customers?

19 Compelling Reasons to go D2C

There is a long list of reasons why more and more brands are going D2C. 

The potential for new markets, better margins, brand evolution, direct relationships with your customers and their data, personalisation, more informed product research, cross-selling and upselling opportunities… the prospect of D2C keeps getting better. 

Amazon has nearly 100 own-label brands selling direct to consumers. If you’re serious about D2C then you need to be serious about your D2C strategy.

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Three mission critical ways we help you make a profitable shift from B2B to D2C:

End-to-End eCommerce

Integrated Order Management

Logistics that Scale with You

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