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Find out how RSPB gained full visibility and control of orders and inventory across an Ecommerce, retail and mail-order business.

Find out how we helped RSPB gain full visibility and control of orders and inventory across an Ecommerce, retail and mail-order business.

Key Takeaways

• Why RSPB needed to change
• Financial benefits achieved
• How the business has adopted the new system
• The long-term vision and benefits

You might be wondering why our video case studies mention Maginus and/or Digital Goodie? Digital Goodie acquired Maginus back in November 2019. The two companies have now merged and in September 2020 Naveo Commerce was born!



The RSPB is one of Europe’s top five environmental charities. It’s obviously looking at protecting birdlife, but it does that via making sure the habitats are available for the birds. So, the RSPB’s got reserves all over the country 22 sites that have retail capabilities, we have sites with catering capabilities and we have a number of sites with visitors centres.

So, the RSPB outsource all of our operations in the main for the fulfilment, so we actually work with Unipart to do all of our deliveries to the Ecommerce customers and to our shops and to the key accounts and other retailers that take our products. We are delivering somewhere in the region between 2,000 and 7,000 orders a week.

So the old system was quite dated, quite slow.

Although it was doing the work that it was meant to be doing there was lots of flows and quite a lot of downtime when it comes to using that system.

So we decided to bring in a full omnichannel system. What Naveo Commerce gave us was a system that would provide us with the full facilities. So we wanted to be able to cover our warehousing operations, our call centre operations and our retail operations all on the same system. The benefit of that is that we get full control. We’ve got full visibility of what’s happening with our orders. It also means that we can use sophisticated forecasting systems, but already we’ve somewhere in the region of £150,00 to £200,000 reduction in our stock holding, about £120,000 a year saving in our staff within the warehouse. It’s been really very good.

When we went live with it there was a bit of um because people don’t like that change.

But after just 1-2 weeks they were like wow, you know this is great. This is working very smooth, very fast and very efficient.

We got through last years peak with no issues, and considering we’d only put the system in 2 weeks before our peak started that was quite amazing.

Not only did we do it. We did it with less people. It gave us a lot of confidence that we’d smash the record out the park.

The customer experience has changed dramatically since we’ve been using the Naveo system. The customers placing an order at three o’clock in the afternoon and the next day, it can be delivered, while they are paying for a standard delivery.

The orders are being processed very fast, and there’s no delays and no backlog.

It’s been a Godsend.

Naveo help us to pick the order and then it’s being audited during the packing process.

We can’t pick the wrong product, because the gun won’t allow us. We can’t pack the wrong product because the system won’t allow us. We’re picking more-with less people. From a cost point of view, costs come down dramatically.

So the other thing that we’re really comfortable with is that it does actually future proof the RSPB’s fulfilment operations going forward and we can build on it and get better at what we do. So I think we’re at this point now where we’ve got the excitement really of being able to develop and build on the system to give us better fulfilment operations going forward.

Gaining Warehouse Efficiency

RSPB have made a substantial cost saving of £120,000 a year since implementing Naveo.

100% Stock Accuracy. 100% of the Time.

Every step of the order-to-despatch process is automated. This means that 100% of processed orders are 100% correct, 100% of the time.

Forecasting Boosts Profit

Sophisticated forecasting has helped the RSPB to boosts profits with a £150,000+ reduction in stock holding.

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