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Is it possible to ‘out-Amazon Amazon’?

We think you can. Or at least get very close.

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Your eCommerce is only as strong as its weakest link. And for many retailers their achilles heel is warehouse management. Slow, inefficient picking. Misplaced items. Valuable time wasted picking the wrong items or searching for stock that simply isn’t there. Fail at fulfilment and your whole brand promise falls to pieces.

Transformational Stock and Picking Accuracy

What if there was a way to radically reshape the flexibility, the speed and quality of your warehouse management? 

A way to use your space more efficiently? To save time, save money and ultimately help you deliver the retail experience your customers demand?

There is.

It's called Naveo Warehouse Management

Transformational inventory control and picking accuracy that gives you a crystal clear understanding of exactly the stock you hold, where it is and when it needs to be replenished. Supplier returns, order fulfilment, warehouse to warehouse transfers, goods received, stock movement and stock management – in real time.

Automated technology including mobile picking devices, and packing machines to help you squeeze every cent of value from your space.

The Ultimate in Warehouse Efficiency

Enabling better than Gold-standard delivery

Total warehouse transparency, total flexibility, total control, totally scalable. That’s what’s needed to track and maintain the delivery KPIs which enable you to be completely confident in giving guarantees of next-day and faster. With delivery timeframes shrinking and customers expectations skyrocketing, Naveo Warehouse Management is the proven gold standard in warehouse efficiency and customer experience.

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5 Fulfilment KPIs You Can't Ignore

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