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There´s no more challenging eCommerce than the world of grocery. We make online grocery simple with our end-to-end platform designed specifically for grocery retailers.

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Online Grocery:
As tough as it gets

Selling groceries online is in many ways more challenging than other goods. Retailers stock hundreds of thousands of SKUs, baskets can top 100+ items, products are sold by weight and some are age restricted. Future pricing is a must. Fulfillment efficiency in picking and logistics is paramount as it can make up 60% of the cost.

Going online does not have to be an insurmountable task. We have worked with leading retailers for the past 10 years and have the tools to get you online in a matter of months.

Everything you need to go online in 5 steps

Designed specifically for grocers, our platform offers five key functional areas for successful online grocery. End-to-end. All of these components can be independently deployed – pick and choose the ones you need.

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Step #1: Storefronts

The end user’s shopping experience should be fun and effortless. A great customer journey starts from a beautifully designed, functional façade that both inspires, engages and converts. With Naveo, you can either choose our existing off-the-shelf online storefront, designed especially for online grocery. Or if you have your own designs, choose our headless commerce option.

online grocery success

Step #2: Commerce

Naveo’s eCommerce Engine is optimized for large-scale grocery operations and handles advanced features such as:

  • Large assortments and baskets coupled with hundreds of stores with individual assortments
  • Advanced price book and future pricing management
  • Highly detailed product data which supports e.g. Customer specific dietary preferences
  • Product data ennrichment, including search weights through built-in tooling

At the heart of the eCommerce Engine is the built-in recommendation engine allowing each customer to have a unique view of your offering, explicitly engineered to save them time, providing personalised product recommendations and promotions that match their preferences.

online grocery success

Step #3: Distributed Order Management

Fulfillment can cost up to 60% of an online grocery operation. This is why online grocers require an order management system that can keep up. Your Order Management solution must be able to handle multiple delivery areas per store, each with numerous different delivery points ranging from click´n´collect, lockers to home delivery.

Naveo´s Distributed Order Management solution can handle even the most complex order fulfillment cases:  

  • Capability to handle multiple delivery methods such as home, click ’n’ collect and locker delivery as well as drop-shipping
  • Ability to manage time slots, delivery areas, collection points & associated pricing
  • Allow order splitting, enabling baskets including both perishables and home goods
  • Support order transfers between fulfillment locations, handle stock-outs and even out peaks

online grocery success

Step #4: In-store Picking

Picking can amount to 30% of the overall fulfillment costs in an online grocery operation. That’s why every detail counts. 

When optimizing the picking process, it is all about supporting your associates in their work. Naveo´s Picking solution is designed to help guide the pickers at every stage.

Naveo can help you reduce your picking times by 40% compared to the competition. How? Here are just a few advanced, time-saving and money-making features: 

  • Picking routes optimised individually for every store
  • Multi-order picking & automated batch calculation
  • Barcode based picking enabling close to zero error rates
  • Out-of-stock substitution based on preferences
  • Picker efficiency analytics

online grocery success

Step #5: The Last Mile

Naveo´s Last Mile solution helps to optimize the delivery process workflow and minimize errors. Tried and tested with some of the largest retailers in Europe, our solution allows you to organize home, in-store or locker deliveries with ease.

The Naveo Last Mile solution will keep your team on top of the game by:

  • Providing tools for managing temporary storage locations with different temperature zones
  • Optimizing the route – based on delivery slots & areas
  • Delivering automated delivery notifications to keep your customers informed
  • Supporting both in-store, locker delivery and home deliveries
  • Having an intuitive Dispatch Application for in-store pick ups
  • Allowing easy integration to 3rd party last mile providers over platform APIs

Traditionally the most difficult mile, our optimized delivery workflows make your last mile a joy!

Grocers that Trust Us

Naveo is trusted by some of the largest grocery chains in Europe.

Only the sky should be the limit when it comes to your business. Our fully scalable platform is made to grow together with your operations. Today, we are happy to work with some of the leading retailers in Europe, such as S Group of Finland, and Co-op UK.


Naveo Commerce for Enterprise Grocery

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