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Confidently manage stock, process orders then pick, pack and dispatch the lot across all your channels.

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Commerce ERP

The Naveo Microscope

An order optimization process that evaluates stock across both your retail estate and your partners to compile orders and match your delivery windows.

It’s a proven solution for retail grocery, so Naveo Commerce ERP is ideal for any retailer looking to repurpose their retail estate and supercharge their competitive advantage with faster, more agile eCommerce and near-window delivery.

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The whole eCommerce space is fast-moving, customer expectations are ever changing. We get that you’re under immense pressure to deliver the right products at the right time. So whatever your size; your warehouse operations need maximum efficiency, a responsive fulfilment process, and a holistic view of your stock and orders.

Key Benefits

Commerce ERP 

The Naveo Telescope

Order management that looks down the other end of the lens allowing online retailers to complement the speed and agility of ERP by seamlessly integrating larger, higher value warehouse items into orders.

For products that wouldn’t typically be sold alongside FMCG or grocery, ERP is also an ideal option for manufacturers and distributors looking to open up new sales opportunities with a Direct to Consumer presence.


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Manage every order intelligently

Our intelligent fulfilment decision-making engine looks at every single order to determine the right blend of DOM or TOM needed. Workflows are automated based on the rules you control. So once it’s up and running you can spend more time and money on things higher up on your list.

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