How to Get Ahead and Stay There

Discover how Truckman, the largest manufacturer of hardtops for pick-up trucks, has grown without adding overheads.

Discover how, Autostyling Truckman, the largest manufacturer of hardtops for pick-up trucks has grown without adding overheads.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of Truckman
  • What Naveo Commerce does for Autostyling
  • Their experience working with the Naveo team
  • Truckman’s business benefits

You might be wondering why our video case studies mention Maginus and/or Digital Goodie? Digital Goodie acquired Maginus back in November 2019. The two companies have now merged and in September 2020 Naveo Commerce was born!



What does Naveo do for us? Almost everything!

Raising our purchase orders, to managing our stock in our warehouse, sales process, expediting of our customers’ orders. It also then integrates with our carrier systems so it reaches into every aspect of our business.

Auto Styling Truckman group is the largest manufacturing distributor of hardtops for pickup trucks.

But we also sell all accessories to go with the pickup market.

One of the things that we think is unique about our business is actually we are aiming at having a very broad base of customers.

We supply to vehicle manufacturers, fleet users, utility companies.

But we’re also very interested in what’s the actual end user is using the product for and then we drive that through in the design of our products.

Truckman employ 87 people based here in Briley Hill in the West Midlands

One site is where we have our manufacturing and on the other site we have our offices and distribution.

We started trading in 2003 we were running an off-the-shelf accounts package at the time that used to control all of the stock and we were finding we were having to do an archive virtually every month because there just wasn’t the storage capacity for the volume of transactions that we were trying to put through it.

Having used Naveo in a previous company we knew we wanted to try and get all of our data into one place to try and make the sales process as easy as possible for the salesman.

What we were looking for and what we think we’ve achieved with Naveo Commerce is what I call “culture in a box” – so it embraces all aspects of our business.

The thing that really singled out Naveo for us was they seemed to very quickly understand our business and we found everybody at Naveo really easy to work with, very understanding and very open.

Since we went live with Naveo in 2008 our business has grown five-fold.

We were solely supplying the UK. Naveo us allows us to use multi-currency so we can start and supply into Europe and beyond. We now do fully integrated manufacturing using bills and materials which Naveo has allowed us to do through works order processing.

It manages our stock and gives us a single view of our customers. We now have a culture of rapid growth – the challenge for us is how do we maintain that level of growth that we’ve become accustomed to.

We’ve grown year-on-year, on average 25% plus and without Naveo being able to grow with it we would just not have been able to cope with the sheer IT volume of work that that would have been incorporated.

We look back and are really pleased that we’ve made that decision because we have a totally scalable software platform that runs our business that can take us virtually to any size that we can achieve.

Culture in a box

Naveo embraces all aspects of the business from first click, to hand-picked and everything in between.

Supporting 25% YOY Growth

Since 2008, Truckman have grown five-fold. Naveo Supports this culture of rapid growth.

Scalability without Limits

“We have a totally scalable platform that can take us to any size” imaginable.

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