Buy off the shelf or develop yourself

Fully Extendable Platform

Our platform can be deployed in two different ways: as ready solutions off the shelf, or as a foundation on top of which to create your own services. It lets us design and build just the right set of service components for each of our customers, combining our own, our customers’, and third-party technology. To build your own services on top of our platform, our APIs and SDKs include everything you need for fast and agile service development.

Fast and Agile Development with Microservices

We follow a modular architecture based on autonomous microservices that allow us for the ultimate flexibility and agility in developing our services. Every microservice has its own data and internal API, making it fully independent and independently scalable. This lets us repair, change, update and replace each service component individually, at all times, even when the software is up and running. Each microservice is an enabler responsible for a specific feature on our product, such as price management, POS or picking.

Ready Solutions off the Shelf

Launch a state-of-the-art commerce and/or fulfillment solution out of the box, customized to your needs, or give your existing solutions an upgrade by adding some new capabilities. Pick and choose the functionalities you need to create a solution that works for you. Our modular architecture allows for combining all needed components with your existing systems.

Building Blocks that Conform to your Needs

Use our platform as foundation on top of which you design and build your own services, leveraging our ready APIs, SDKs and integrations. Plug in any 3rd party services as needed. Our loosely coupled architecture and modular approach allow you to build and quickly launch the solution that is right for you.

SDKs for Web and Native Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)

Naveo Commerce software development kits, SDKs, allow you to develop your own web and mobile applications on top of our platform. They include a set of native components and template applications that enable you create your own customer experiences and enrich your applications with exactly the functionalities you want – those important features that will make your services yours.

Our platform includes SDKs for iOS, Android and web, with ready-made connectors to our APIs.

Off the Shelf or Develop Yourself

The Naveo Commerce platform consists of three sets of microservices of which Commerce and Fulfillment are sold as independent products. Core comprises essential platform functionalities such as product data and APIs. These components are not sold on their own but they are always included in Commerce and Fulfillment.

Each microservice is an enabler responsible for a specific feature of the platform, such as price management, POS or picking.

Commerce microservices are all related to what happens when your customers plan, search for and buy products.

Fulfillment microservices are needed for handling incoming orders, picking them from the store or warehouse, and delivering them to your customers.

Grocery Case Study

S Group and Naveo form a World-Class On-Demand Grocery Service

Learn how S Group and Naveo Commerce created  true on-demand success and reached every household in Finland.

Maximised Order Fulfilment

Unbeatable fulfillment with the leading solution on the market.

Great Customer Experiences

The same, top quality experience that scales with you.

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