Slash Picking Times by up to 40%

Transform your traditional store network into a 21st Century distribution model.

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In the on-demand economy, you don’t have a second to waste. Yet stores and their staff aren’t set up to pick and deliver with the same kind of efficiency as warehouses. That’s why our industry-leading In-store Picking capability was created. On its first implementation it slashed a customer’s picking times by 50%.

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Right First Time. Every Time.

We’re on a mission to crush conventional picking times and help you repurpose your bricks-n-mortar retail estate for next day and near-window delivery. 

Naveo is trusted by some of the world’s leading grocery retailers for the most complex and competitive of retail environments. 

So you can be sure Naveo’s In-store Picking is everything you need to get every customer order right first-time, every time – fast.

Intelligent picking to help your staff ‘out-Amazon Amazon’

You need a digital-first, rigorous in-store capability to help store clerks pick, pack and send with ease. 

Welcome to intuitive UI and powerful voice picking integration. Barcode verification, substitution handling, advanced batch creation and optimised order algorithms. 

Our intelligent picking analysis ‘teaches’ your processes to become faster and more efficient over time.

Beat Amazon at their own game

Product out-of-stock in a specific store? Not a problem. Naveo tracks everything in real time and points your customers towards replacements and recommends substitutes. Last-minute order edits? Customers can modify orders… even after check-out. POS integration? Of course. Everything you need to get every customer order right, first time, on time, every time.

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In-Store Picking isn't as Expensive as You Might Think

In this report, we aim to debunk the myth that in-store picking must be the most expensive part of the fulfillment process and why it shouldn’t be a barrier to entry into the eGrocery space.

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