in-store picking

Slash picking times
by up to 40%

Did you know? In store picking can amount to 30% of the overall fulfilment costs in an online grocery operation. That’s why every detail counts. Transform your traditional store picking and delivery network into a 21st Century distribution model.

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Operational efficiency
at every step

When optimizing the picking process, it is all about supporting your associates in their work. Naveo’s online order picking solution is designed to help guide the pickers at every stage.

Naveo can help you reduce your picking times by 40% compared to the competition.

Here are just a few advanced, time-saving and money-making features:
    •    Pick by Store: Optimise picking routes individually
    •    Multi-order e Commerce picking & automated batch calculation
    •    Barcode based picking enabling close to zero error rates
    •    Out-of-stock substitution based on preferences
    •    Picker efficiency analytics

Go on, pick our brains

In the on-demand economy, you don’t have a second to waste, but how to systematically shave time on picking processing on an already fast moving floor.

Stores and their staff aren’t set up to pick and deliver with the same kind of efficiency as warehouses. This short primer on the challenges of optimised picking with a taste of some  Naveo-enabled approaches that can slash picking times by 40%

grocery store staff picking and packing food

Cut costs of In Store Processes

In Store Processes include more than just Picking.

Our 10 years of experience in Grocery & Retail have allowed our developers to spot common difficulties in in-store processes and save our customers as much as 50%

Right first time.
Every time.

We’re on a mission to crush conventional picking times and help you repurpose your bricks-n-mortar retail estate for next day and near-window delivery. Naveo is trusted by some of the world’s leading grocery retailers for the most complex and competitive of retail environments.

So you can be sure Naveo’s In-store Picking is everything you need to get every customer order right first-time, every time – fast.

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