Make it
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The deal breaker, the reputation maker – your last mile optimization will make or break the profitability of its retail operation.

Last Mile Fulfilment -
The Deal Maker

Naveo’s Last Mile Delivery platform helps to optimize the delivery process workflow and minimize errors. Tried and tested with some of the largest retailers in Europe, our solution allows you to organize home, in-store or locker deliveries with ease.

See how Naveo’s end-to-end Connected Commerce platform powered top UK grocer Co-op into the lead online

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A true retail Last Mile Delivery solution will keep your team on top of the game by:

  • Providing tools for managing temporary storage locations with different temperature zones
  • Optimizing the route – based on delivery slots & areas
  • Delivering automated delivery notifications to keep your customers informed
  • Supporting both in-store, locker delivery and home deliveries
  • Having an intuitive Dispatch Application for in-store pick ups
  • Allowing easy integration to 3rd party last mile providers over platform APIs

Traditionally the most difficult mile, our optimized delivery workflows make your last mile a joy!

Naveo partners with Bringg for enhanced eCommerce

Discover how Naveo Commerce in partnership with Bringg have helped Co-op to deploy and scale up optimised grocery eCommerce delivery across 800+ stores.  Compressing 3 years of digital grocery transformation down to just 12 months.

Get Retail Last Mile
Delivery Spot On

A fiercely complex retail challenge, your last mile is expensive. Typically accounting for 30% of your supply chain cost. Get it right and delight your customers. Get it wrong and wipe out your profits, with the average cost of failed deliveries coming out at a staggering $19.23 per order!  Don’t let the last mile home delivery damage your reputation.

Retail Delivery & Warehousing of the Future

Localised hubs for grocery, dark stores and digitally managed warehouses. Mel Tymm, Naveo Industry Principal, explains – retailors will need to look at technologies of the present to curb their spending. 

Keep up with competitors, and offer a seamless solution for their online customers.

Warehouse worker carrying apples

Precision Beats Power. Timing Beats Speed.

Capgemini report 73% of consumers prefer convenience to speed. Our connected Warehouse Management, In-store Picking and Last Mile delivery transforms your retail bricks and mortar estate and revolutionises your delivery windows. The speed, accuracy and especially the convenience that you and your shoppers now demand is possible through:

Proven Last Mile Delivery, Command, and Control

Working with some of the largest retail grocers in Europe, we’ve stress tested a last mile solution to optimize workflow, minimize errors and delight both you and your customers.

A proven Last Mile Delivery solution:

  • Automatic and manual route optimization based on delivery slots and areas
  • Support for both home and locker delivery
  • Modular design facilitates easy integration to 3rd party last mile providers
  • Real time order status updates to map the progress of every delivery

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