Naveo Commerce Powering Truckman´s Omnichannel B2B and D2C Business Growth

Naveo Commerce´s end-to-end solution with tightly integrated cloud based Naveo OMS and Magento Commerce 2 platforms provide Truckman a unique solution for accelerating growth with frictionless commerce in the B2B and D2C markets.

Naveo Commerce – a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and fulfilment technology provider – is pleased to announce that Truckman has implemented Naveo’s end-to-end solution made up of cloud based Order Management System v10 and Magento Commerce 2 eCommerce platform.

Truckman are the UK’s leading supplier of 4×4 pick-up accessories and hardtops for Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen.

The challenge for us in Truckman’s need to improve their solution was the running of multiple websites to cater for D2C and B2B markets. Duplicate this effort by two, due to integration complexities in regard to inventory, price and availability information.

How Naveo Resolved Truckman’s Digital Commerce Needs

The Naveo solution is uniquely positioned to enable Truckman to seamlessly integrate its B2B and Direct to Consumer (D2C) online sales which previously had been executed on two different websites. The solution will ensure that the supplier can more effectively meet the D2C customer demand, which has risen exponentially throughout the pandemic, and improve the overall customer buying experience regardless of channel. 

The tight integration between Naveo OMS and the Magento eCommerce platform is poised to boost the customer experience by ensuring the rules, discounts, special prices etc will be replicated on the new eCommerce sites, instantaneously and without any duplication of effort.

Providing Omnichannel Fulfilment

According to Truckman, the best of breed combination of Naveo OMS and Magento Commerce 2 will enable Truckman to bring products and new ranges to market much faster by cutting down the steps required to get its products online. The Magento Commerce 2 platform has also provided new marketing capabilities; by linking OMS insights with B2B and D2C customer profiles, Truckman can offer them more tailored deals and discounts according to what they have previously ordered.

Additionally, Naveo OMS will streamline Truckman’s IT and warehouse processes, which will save the company significant time and effort. The fully web-based solution will enable enhanced integration with couriers, handheld devices and printing processes used by warehouse staff to manage customer orders, as well as allowing the team to keep better track of stock movements and enhance location control.

Cloud Based OMS (Order Management System)

Truckman will also benefit from Naveo Commerce’s order management cloud capabilities, which removes the reliance on physical servers and will improve flexibility and agility by allowing staff to log into the system from anywhere and provides a platform from which to manage future growth.

Review from Truckman’s MD

Richard Langman, Managing Director at Truckman said, “This project, despite the restrictions and limitations due to Covid, was delivered on time, and to budget.”

“The team at Naveo have gone the extra mile to ensure that the go live went smoothly. We are excited by the opportunities the new cloud based Naveo OMS and Magento Commerce 2 platforms will bring to our business and provides us with the capabilities to drive significant growth and competitive edge.”

“At Truckman, we have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, which is why we are delighted to be partnering with Naveo. Simply put, working with any other solution is unthinkable.”

A word from Naveo CEO

“We are thrilled to be a part of the next stage of Truckman’s eCommerce journey, especially at such a critical time for online retail and business growth,” added Moris Chemtov, CEO at Naveo Commerce. “We are excited to see what Truckman will achieve with Naveo and its new Magento Commerce 2 based B2B and D2C eCommerce sites going forwards.”  

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About Naveo Commerce

Naveo Commerce is an international end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and Fulfilment technology company helping SMBs and Enterprise across all retail segments to manage and grow their business online. The company was founded in 2020 following the merger of Digital Goodie and Maginus, unifying cloud-based Headless Commerce expertise, Order Management Systems and Fulfilment solutions to establish one of the only companies globally to be able to offer entire end-to-end commerce support to retailers. The Maginus partnership with Magento and Episerver continues to operate as part of a consulting arm sitting under the Naveo Commerce brand. The company is financially backed by Black Dragon Capital.

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