10 Steps to Successful Online Grocery – Chapter 1: Choose your On-Demand Manager

Whether you‘ve already launched your on-demand program or it is something you are planning to do, we’re happy to welcome you to our 10-step guide: What to consider when starting your on-demand service.

In this guide, our experienced Project Manager, Onur Alakas, will guide you through 10 of his most valuable tips on how to make the most of your on-demand grocery store. Each step is based on proven and tested Naveo Commerce best practice customer cases.

Step 1: Define the person or the team in charge of On-Demand

As with any important project, to get your on-demand business started right, planning the process is key. Whether you’re running a large chain or a single grocery store, to make sure your process flows correctly from start to finish, you will need the right people to make it happen. 

In addition to the people in charge of your picking and delivery, we highly recommend naming one of your employees in each store as the service manager of your on-demand service. Our experience has been that in the most successful on-demand launches this position was created and had an existing, experienced staff member fill it. The service manager is responsible for the implementation process. 

Most importantly, once the service is up, the service manager is responsible for coordinating the on-demand operations and working with pickers and delivery personnel to make sure everything runs smoothly. Naturally, in small stores these roles may overlap – but no matter the size of your business, we recommend designating your own on-demand service manager.

In the most successful on-demand grocery launches, the roles needed are:

1. Picker – collects the ordered items inside the store

2. Delivery personnel – delivers the goods to the customers

3. Service manager (or a service team) who:

  • Services the pickers with new totes and collects the filled ones to storage
  • Positions the orders inside the store so that they are easily found
    checks the orders before they’re sent out and completes them if needed
  • Makes sure the goods are packed in the delivery vehicle in the optimal order so that the delivery person doesn’t have to use time looking for the right order
  • Keeps track of the orders coming in and makes sure there are enough staff to handle them
– Follow the link for Chapter 2 of our 10 Steps to Successful Online Grocery Guide

Naveo tip: what are the busiest times in your store? Fridays, Christmas? This is likely to reflect on your online store as well so be prepared. Make sure that you have all the employees you need to fulfil the customer orders. You might also want to adjust your delivery prices accordingly.

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