10 Steps to Successful Online Grocery: Chapter 7 - Guarantee Your Service

Welcome to Chapter 7 of our 10-step guide: What to consider when starting your on-demand grocery service. In this chapter we will introduce the most common customer concerns in online grocery, and how guaranteeing your service can help you tackle them.

This is what most customers are worried about when ordering groceries online:

  • Can I trust that the fruits and vegetables are in superb condition?
  • Can I trust the quality of their fresh meat?
  • Can I trust the dated products are fresh?
  • Are the delivery vans refrigerated?
  • Is the driver going to be on time?

Most of the concerns involve the quality and freshness of the products. In fact, of shoppers who have never bought groceries online, 67% say it’s because they like to select fresh products for themselves. 

Concerns Over Fresh Groceries: Transparency is Key

To remove this key obstacle and make customers feel comfortable in ordering from your store, your job is to make sure these concerns are addressed both in your communications and in practice. 

The more predictable and transparent you are, the less the customer has to worry – not surprisingly, transparency is cited by 70% of customers as their top need for a satisfying online experience.

Help Customers Leap into Online Grocery Delivery

Having a physical store gives you an advantage as the customers already know you and your brand, but to make them take the online step, you need something extra.

This is how you can help them:

  • Offer information on your picking and delivery process (refrigerated cars, trained pickers)
  • Enable back and forth communication with the pickers
  • Let shoppers put notes under each product they’re ordering to help with substitutions
  • Enable pickers to write notes back to the customer to explain their choices, or call the customer
  • Focus on consistency: Familiar brand, storefront, delivery vehicles, staff, etc.

Online Shopping: Guarantee your Service

Service guarantees play an important role in creating trust between you and your customers. If something doesn’t go according to plan, the customer knows that there is a process in place to resolve the problem and they will not be left in trouble.

Here are the two most important guarantees we recommend implementing.

Freshness Guarantee

Guarantee that your pickers always choose the best possible products available for your order: the freshest vegetables, the firmest fruit, the best meat. Let your customers know how you train your pickers and how they are taught to evaluate produce and meat for quality and freshness. Should the customer be unhappy with a delivered product, we recommend first offering to replace it at your first opportunity, and secondly compensating the price of the product the customer wasn’t satisfied with.

eCommerce Grocery Delivery Guarantee

What if the delivery is late? When does the on-demand or delivery personnel contact the customer? Do you deliver anyway, and does the customer get compensation? 

Tell the customer as specifically as possible what will happen if something should go wrong with their delivery, and most importantly, how you will fix the problem. 

In cases where the delivery does not happen within the delivery slot, we recommend reimbursing the delivery fee and offering a discount coupon or a free delivery for the customer’s next order.

Publish your guarantee policy on your website as well as in your brick and mortar stores: remember, the more information, the more likely your customers are to try your on-demand service.

Naveo tip: Create a special tagline for your picking process, such as “If I wouldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t pick it.” Let your customers know their orders are taken seriously and you are able to offer them the same top quality off- and online.

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