COmmerce engine

Enter the infinitely possible

Imagine a world of infinite online retail opportunity. Of infinite customer touchpoints. Of IoT devices, mobile apps, progressive web apps, web marketplaces and in store interfaces. Self checkouts, chatbots and voice assisted technology to serve your customers instantly, precisely and profitably.

Headless Commerce drives our Online Grocery Software

At the heart of the Grocery eCommerce Engine is the built-in recommendation system. This allows each customer to have a unique view of your offering, explicitly engineered to save them time, providing personalised product recommendations and promotions that match their preferences.

Naveo’s Grocery eCommerce Engine is optimized for large-scale operations and handles advanced features such as:

  • Large assortments and baskets coupled with hundreds of stores with individual assortments
  • Advanced price book and future pricing management
  • Highly detailed product data which supports mass personalisation, like customer specific dietary preferences
  • Product data enrichment, including search weights through built-in tooling

Co-op UK

Our eCommerce grocery platform is helping Co-op UK roll-out home delivery. This makes ordering groceries online as quick and convenient as ordering a takeaway. 


Enhance Customer Loyalty with Personalization

Utilize industry leading techniques within Naveo Connected Commerce engine. 

Gather data and drive customer loyalty, whilst promoting product selection and improving grocery store profit margins.

Our Grocery Customers

Naveo is trusted by some of the largest grocery store chains in Europe.

Only the sky should be the limit when it comes to your business. Our fully scalable platform is made to grow together with your operations. Today, we are happy to work with some of the leading retailers in Europe, such as S Group of Finland, Salling of Denmark, and Co-op UK.

Rema 100

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