Co-op uses Headless Commerce to Expand Same-Day Grocery Ecommerce Delivery to 800+ Stores

Our headless Ecommerce grocery platform is helping Co-op UK roll-out home delivery. This makes ordering groceries online as quick and convenient as ordering a takeaway. The vision demands a lot from technology. Find out how we made this possible.

Co-op UK Online Grocery Deliveries

Co-op UK plans to expand its same-day delivery service offers from selected city centre stores to 800+ branches by the end of this year, to improve the shop online processes and grocery delivery for customers.

The retailer started using our grocery ecommerce solution to offer online food shopping with same-day deliveries to West London customers in March 2019. 

It started with a proof of concept service that it now plans to expand at speed over the course of this year, using our headless commerce & headless CMS solutions to do so.

Co-op UK aims to make ordering food online as quick and convenient as ordering a takeaway. An average customer can begin the shopping process and pay well within 30 minutes.

Headless API calls within Naveo’s Connected Commerce solution improves the shopping experience and deliveries can take as little as two hours from placing the order. Watch our video to discover how we made this possible. 

Co-op UK Head of Food: Convenience at heart of offering

“Convenience lies at the heart of our offering and as part of this, we have major online expansion plans which will make it easier than ever for customers to shop with us,” comments Chris Conway, Head of Food Digital at The Co-op.

“Such growth can only be facilitated with a digital partner that offers
modern and agile technology and we’re delighted to continue our work
with the Naveo team who are intrinsic in bringing these plans to life.”

Delivery is not the only aspect that needs to be fast, however, and the Co-op recognises the need to be equally fast when it comes to user experience (UX) innovation.

The Co-op uses Naveo Connected Commerce platform on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, taking full control of its own end-to-end user experience. This allows online grocery software to build on top of underlying business logic layers. Including: commerce, order management and in-store picking systems all optimised for FMCG.

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Customer’s Shopping Experience improved by Headless CMS

This vision demands a lot from underlying technology. This is where headless commerce enters the picture. The ecommerce engine follows the headless CMS paradigm. 

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless Content Management Systems provide logical separation between user interface and business logic layers. This is by virtue of a series of API’s that can be optionally “plugged” into the core system to further enhance usability. 

This is as opposed to older “monolithic” systems which require a developer to either create similar functionality or develop complex connections between two software systems.   

Retailers can take full control of the end user experience, utilising the open API’s of the platform to build and design their user experience without dependencies on Naveo Commerce as the platform vendor.

Naveo Collaborates with Co-op UK’s to Improve Former CMS

When originally launched the Co-op’s service was using an online storefront designed by Naveo Commerce. The vision of Co-op was always to take full control of what matters most: the end user experience. 

Co-op’s Digital Team started designing & building their own storefront implementation, on-top-of the Naveo Commerce platform, soon after the first online store went live in March. 

The first Co-op developed storefront went live soon after in August, and as soon as end November all traffic had been diverted to the Co-op’s own site. The Co-op case is proof of how fast development can take place, when supported by a robust platform.

In the near future, the Co-op team plans to add native mobile apps, which will again be developed by the Co-op’s own Digital Team. Co-op Digital Team has busy times ahead with all the planned functionality driven by the ever-increasing speed of innovation in the industry and the demand for convenience by consumers.

Naveo CEO on Co-op UK Software Delivery

Moris Chemtov, Global CEO of Naveo Commerce, said: “When we started our journey with Co-op we were impressed on how focused they are on digitalisation, and how agile they are in their approach. The speed by which they were able to design and build their own storefront is a testament to these traits. 

However, it is also a testament to the robustness and completeness of Naveo’s headless commerce platform. We are proud to be the first platform vendor to truly bring headless commerce to the grocery industry and look forward to many more wins in the upcoming months”.

About The Co-op:

The Co-op is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives with interests across food, funerals, insurance, and legal services. It has a clear purpose of championing a better way of doing business for you and
your communities. 

Owned by millions of UK consumers, the Co-op operates 2,600 food stores, over 1,000 funeral homes and it provides products to over 5,100 other stores, including those run by independent co-operative societies and through its wholesale business, Nisa Retail Limited. It has more than 63,000 colleagues and annual revenue of £9.5bn.

About Naveo Commerce

Naveo Commerce is a global digital commerce technology company
providing a modern and fully customisable connected commerce platform
aiming at connecting online and brick and mortar worlds to one seamless
and simple user experience. 

The Naveo Commerce platform was included in the Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2018 among the leading applications of the digital commerce ecosystem. The platform runs on top of a new generation microservices architecture consisting of modular commerce and fulfillment solutions.

Naveo Commerce was founded in 2009, and has headquarters in Helsinki,
Finland. Naveo Commerce is backed by the US based eCommerce growth fund Black Dragon Capital.

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