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We’ve got you – from first click, to hand picked, to last mile, to doorstep smile. Whatever’s brought you here. Whether you’re selling grocery, near food, consumer goods, B2B or D2C we’re here to welcome you with advanced end-to-end eGrocery capability and a track record that’s the envy of the eCommerce world.


Benefits-led Connected Commerce

headless commerce

Save time and trouble upgrading your legacy systems by using a headless eCommerce engine to drive new storefronts and sales opportunities at speed

order & warehouse management

Get products to your customers faster by implementing within your existing retail estate; a distributed fulfillment model leveraging your stores using our distributed order management and store picking models

in-store picking &
the last mile

If you’ve already squeezed every last drop of efficiency from your distribution centres, it’s time to radically improve your in-store picking, and last mile completion

The age of the monolithic system is over. Long live the multilith!

Modern eCommerce has evolved. No more massive Death-star systems. Now a constellation of small, bright services combined to delight.

The new multi-lithic eCommerce model that radically improves your user experience to drive powerful new sales opportunities:

Case Studies

The Co-op

Together with Naveo Commerce and Bringg, Co-op scales up and optimizes convenient grocery eCommerce, pick up and delivery.

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Why Naveo?

Others in the marketplace mainly offer only one or two aspects of an integrated solution – a headless commerce engine, a fulfilment module or storefronts. 

It’s our unique end-to-end connected-commerce ecosystem that makes us different – that makes THE difference for you and your bottom line.


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