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Maximized order fulfillment

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Order fulfillment creates the majority of operational costs in retail. The success of these processes can therefore make or break a profitable business. This delicate operational framework is the focal point of our fulfillment technology: by assessing each step of the order path, we have factored in every small detail that can help streamline the fulfillment process.

Intelligent Picking Assistance

When optimizing the picking process, it all comes down to the ease of use of the application, and how well it supports your store associates in their work. Our picking application therefore runs on iPad. It easily moved around and attached to the picking trolley, but most importantly, offering a high-quality, easily adaptable view of the picking process. Due to its intuitive, color-coordinated UI, the application requires minimal training.

Modern Tablet based Tools

To optimize your picking efficiency, our solution automatically calculates the right picking order for the products and allows each team member to pick multiple orders at same time. Wireless barcode readers, paired with each iPad, eliminate picking errors and remarkably speed up the picking process. Multi-order, parallel picking and zone picking are all enabled by our solution to guarantee the best outcome for each store environment.

Customer Engaging Transparency

Customers are able to follow their order in real-time through the system and modify their orders until the order has been selected for picking. The customer is notified when the order picking starts, when the order has been picked, and when the order is ready to be picked up, and/or when the driver hits the delivery route.  When the customer comes to pick up their order, the pick-up point clerk can easily check where that order can be found by checking the fulfillment technology.

Naveo Commerce fulfillment equals all the components you need for reliable, cost-efficient order management.

Unbeatable Fulfilment

Today, our fulfillment technology is more efficient than any other industry benchmark, enabling up to 50% shorter picking times compared to traditional picking, and a picking efficiency of up to 200 items/hour (normal average 100-130 items/hour).

At the heart of making profits is a rock solid order management system. Naveo Commerce’s order management system is 33% more efficient than best industry benchmarks as observed in a McKinsey study.

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S Group and Naveo form a World-Class On-Demand Grocery Service

Learn how S Group and Naveo Commerce created  true on-demand success and reached every household in Finland.

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