Naveo Commerce partners with Denmark’s largest retailer to offer optimised grocery eCommerce

Salling Group integrated Naveo’s eCommerce and Distributed Order Management solutions to support its customers with new and more convenient grocery services through its fotex brand.

Naveo & Salling Group (Denmark) Unite

Naveo Commerce, a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and fulfilment technology provider, has today announced its partnership with Salling Group, Denmark’s largest grocery retailer

Our API-first Connected Commerce platform offers both Headless Commerce architecture and Distributed Order Management (DOMs). By utilising this, Salling has been able to accelerate its digital transformation journey.

Through its grocery supermarket brand, Fotex, Salling launched its first ever grocery home delivery service. The service is currently available to consumers in the entire Copenhagen Metropolitan region of Denmark.

Sourcing Online Grocery Software

The grocery industry is constantly evolving, with global players constantly changing their offerings and putting customer convenience at the heart of business processes. As a result, Fotex embarked on a significant digital transformation project to overhaul its grocery delivery service. Salling stays at the forefront of innovation and provides consumers with the best possible ecommerce experience when shopping online and ordering for home delivery.

The project saw the organisation select visibility and control across the end-to-end eCommerce journey. From developing its front-end offering, to hiring fleets of delivery drivers, Naveo ultimately ensured a seamless user experience from order inception to completion.

Copenhagen's harbour

Such a complex deployment required sophisticated frontend and backend systems that could communicate between Product Information Management (PIM), assortment, pricing, CRM, loyalty and warehouse management systems, amongst others, already in place.

With over 10 years’ expertise within the grocery industry, Naveo’s Connected Commerce platform was perfectly positioned to support Salling in this dramatic digital initiative. Salling leveraged Naveo’s Headless Commerce solution, on which the retailer’s front-end is built. Naveo also Implemented its Distributed Order Management solution, which handles the business logic needed to orchestrate communications between numerous eCommerce systems

Scalable Solution: Headless Commerce

The Naveo Connected Commerce solution is based upon a flexible, scalable micro-services based architecture. We use multiple AWS services to compute storage databases, which provides an agile, secure and scalable platform.

Naveo’s modular approach and platform is built to integrate with complex systems and progressive web apps to provide a seamless user interface. This leads to positive customer experiences.

This allowed Salling to pick, choose and adapt the modules it needed whilst ensuring the order process remained seamlessly integrated throughout.

Fotex’s home delivery service was launched in February 2021. It has seen rapid growth – expanding from zero to around 100 daily deliveries in just a few months. The operation is currently available within the Copenhagen Metropolitan area, where deliveries are being managed by a centralised warehouse. Salling is looking to increase the service availability and open a second warehouse that would enable it to provide delivery services to the wider Denmark population.  

Groceries Delivered via Dark Store Strategy

Supply chain management proves to be one of the most difficult issues for online grocery stores, as most individual stores can become micro-fulfilment centres in themselves. This is the case with another of our customers, Co-op UK.

However, in the case of Salling, a comprehensive warehouse management system was needed to implement a massive grocery dark store strategy across the Copenhagen Metropolitan area. 

Naveo offered aspects of its growing warehouse management software for Salling to battle the many difficulties of customer expectations around delivery times, grocery freshness and product substitutions.

During in store picking processes, dark store workers use Android devices equipped with an application programming interface to pick items in the right order. For example, frozen items would be selected after dry goods before being loaded for dispatch so that they did not melt ahead of delivery.

A Word of Salling CIO

Alan Jensen, CIO at Salling, comments, “The challenge of creating a seamless integration between our purchase and order systems is one that Naveo Commerce tackled head-on. Its Headless Commerce and Distributed Order Management solutions have become the glue that holds our eCommerce and delivery offerings together.”

“Fotex’s home delivery initiative has so far been hugely successful – with order volumes growing and basket sizes even larger than expected. We are excited to continue serving our valued customers in more innovative ways that truly bring consumer convenience to the fore.”

A Word from Naveo’s Head of Sales

“Enabling Salling and fotex to optimise the grocer’s home delivery programme has been fantastic for the Naveo team,” adds Tomas Grano, Head of Sales at Naveo Commerce. “We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of Salling’s partners for such an innovative, complex project and to see it through to successful completion. We look forward to the future of working together as its home delivery solutions evolve and grow.”

For more information about Naveo Commerce, please feel free to contact us or request a free demonstration of our headless ecommerce platforms & tech stacks.

About Salling Group

Salling Group operates multiple store formats fotex, Bilka, Netto, Salling, BR, and Wupti spanning from discount stores to hypermarkets and omni-channel to pure player businesses. Salling Group strives to make daily life better by good shopping experiences, diverse job opportunities, and easier way to responsible lifestyle. Approx. 50,000 dedicated colleagues in Germany, Poland, and Denmark serve 11 million customers each week.

The group is 100% owned by Salling Foundation that distribute a part of the profit back to the community. Since 2012 the Salling Foundation has donated more than €140 million to education, culture, sport, social initiatives, and other good causes.

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