10 Steps to Successful Online Grocery: Chapter 6. Empower your customer service

Welcome to Chapter 6 of our 10-step guide for successful online grocery. In this chapter we discuss the elements that add up to great customer service and how to empower your team to provide excellent customer experiences

We all know great customer service goes way beyond a friendly hello and a smile – although those things are important too. Successful customer service is best described as a chain of values that travel through your whole company, all the way from top management to your cash registers and delivery team.

These values define what great customer service means in your company, and they should be visible to your customer each time they visit your store.

  • How do we respond to our customers’ inquiries?
  • How do we talk to them?
  • How do we react when something unexpected happens, or things go wrong?
  • How do we make our shoppers return to our store over and over again?

A great customer experience requires each and everyone’s participation, but in order to expect great customer service from your team, you need to first make sure that every member of your team knows what is required of them and what great customer service means in your store.

To empower your team to provide excellent customer experience, make customer service part of your regular training program.

Empower Customer Service Team: Make Sure That…

  • The person(s) in charge of your customer service is constantly up-to-date on your products and campaigns, on-demand service, picking and delivery as well as the content of your website
  • Your whole on-demand grocery crew is trained for customer service and understands the value of your brand – whether it’s your own employees or third-party
  • Your customer service team covers the delivery crew – the importance of the last mile experience cannot be overstated
  • Your whole store knows about your on-demand service and are prepared to answer basic questions (regardless of whether they are involved in it or not)
  • Your online and on-the-phone customer answers quickly and customer issues are solved immediately. The customer expects to have their issue resolved right away within the first call. Your FCR – first call resolution rate – is a very useful indicator in defining the quality of your customer service and thevalue it has to your customers.

Take time to regularly cover customer issues/reclamations with your staff. If you’re recording your customer service phone calls, gather your team and listen to at least five of these calls from the past week and assess the level of customer service in each. 

Concrete examples are the best way to train and educate your employees and have everyone involved in creating great customer experiences.

Improve Grocery Customer Service: Consider This

1. How was the customer greeted? Was the answer in line with your brand?

2. How was the tone of your customer service? Did it show genuine empathy towards the customer’s concern?

3. What was the issue that caused the phone call?

4. Did your representative understand the issue and were they able to repeat it to the customer correctly?

5. Was the customer provided with a clear plan of action to resolve the matter?

6. Was the customer offered a compensation with a precise timeline?

7. How active was your representative:

Was the customer asked if they had other subjects or issues they would like to discuss?
Were they offered alternatives or potential solutions to repeated issues?

8. Does the issue call for further actions? Do your internal processes need to be audited?

How to Improve Grocery Shopping Experience

Exceptionally good customer service is the one thing that can set you apart from your competition and make your customers return to your store over and over again.

Happy customers are likely to share it with others, too, acting as important advocates for your store. Studies show companies who pay special attention to customer service also enjoy higher employee retention rates. For all of these reasons, integrating great customer service as part of your overall strategy is guaranteed to pay off.

Utilise Naveo to Provide the Best Online Grocery Shopping Experience

Naveo Commerce’s Connected Commerce grocery software is the perfect end-to-end solution for large chain grocers who are looking to improve or begin their journey in eGrocery.

Within our system, grocers can apply suitable grocery substitution rules to match their customer promise. 

Following this, our solution includes an in-store picking application that offers voice assisted technology This allows staff to efficiently and easily select not only the initial item, but also be informed of an appropriate item to sub in or out for the out-of-stock item.

After this, items are packed, despatched and delivered.

If you would like to demonstrate any of our amazing grocery technology, please do not hesitate to request a demo.

Naveo Tip: If you have a separate team taking care of your on-demand groceries, why not let people know by having them wear special T-shirts or caps in the store? This will raise awareness of your on-demand service and encourage your customers to ask about it!

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