Sales-i teams up with Naveo Commerce to deliver turbo-charged sales insights

Sales enablement software provider, sales-i, has announced a strategic partnership with Naveo Commerce, a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and fulfilment technology provider.

Sales enablement software provider, sales-i, has announced a strategic partnership with Naveo Commerce, a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and fulfilment technology provider.

Under the tie up, Naveo will be able to provide users with an unrivalled view of their customer accounts and key purchasing behaviours through sales-i’s software.

At a time when maximising cashflow and protecting market share are more important than ever, the sales-i software enables businesses to identify and take advantage of precious cross and up-selling opportunities and gives them the confidence to make more accurate, data-driven decisions on sales strategy that are supported by real-time analytics.

Head of Sales, Naveo Commerce

Commenting on the news, Tom Williams, Head of Sales at Naveo, said:

“It is a particularly opportune moment to be partnering with sales-i given the ongoing effects of the pandemic, as more and more businesses need solutions to mitigate the worst effects of the crisis. Giving our customers the ability to forensically measure and interpret their customer buying behaviours will be a powerful supplementary tool in helping them maximise short term opportunities and develop winning longer term sales strategies.”

UK Head of Sales, Sales-i

Joe Cox, UK Head of Sales at sales-I, added:

“In today’s challenging climate, businesses are seeking to get closer to their customers and it is especially exciting to be working with a leading eCommerce partner like Naveo, whose services are increasingly in demand. Harnessing data-driven sales insights in this new economic climate is going to be a key tool for growing businesses and we anticipate more and more wholesalers and retailers seizing the opportunity over the year ahead.”

Between them, the two companies work with thousands of growing businesses across the UK and internationally to develop their eCommerce and sales strategies. For further information, please visit and

About Sales-i

Founded in 2008, sales-i is sales enablement software designed to make every sales call more personal and profitable.

sales-i allows sales professionals to clearly identify and target high-quality sales opportunities within their current customer base. Equipped with customer buying behaviour alerts, salespeople can make insightful, personalized, quick business decisions, realizing repeat sales, reduced customer attrition and maximized profit margins.

sales-i is now used by thousands of businesses worldwide to maximize the intelligence of their sales teams. It is accessible on any device with an Internet connection.

About Naveo Commerce

Naveo Commerce is an international end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and Fulfilment technology company helping SMBs and Enterprise across all retail segments to manage and grow their business online. The company was founded in 2020 following the merger of Digital Goodie and Maginus, unifying cloud-based Headless Commerce expertise, Order Management Systems and Fulfilment solutions to establish one of the only companies globally to be able to offer entire end-to-end commerce support to retailers. The Maginus partnership with Magento and Episerver continues to operate as part of a consulting arm sitting under the Naveo Commerce brand. The company is financially backed by Black Dragon Capital.

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