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About sales-i

sales-i is a sales-enablement tool that ensures every sales conversation an organisation has, is insight-led and profitable.

Sell Smart. Every Day.

Gain better insights to make smarter decisions.
sales-i's award-winning sales performance software delivers smarter selling to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers creating a more complete picture of what’s really going on with your customers.

How it works

sales-i integrates with each iteration of ERP solutions to identify actionable insights so users can maximise revenue from their customer base, while increasing and improving sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The software is accessible on desktop or mobile devices anywhere in the world, which is why, whether the user is a business leader, or a salesperson out on the road, sales-i is now the industry standard sales-enablement platform for manufacturing, distribution and wholesale businesses worldwide.


Boost Sales with Data

Improve your sales performance with powerful customer insights that are instantly available to your sales team.

Answer questions like: “Who has bought X but not Y this month?” and “What should this customer be buying from me?” in seconds.

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Build High-Value Relationships

With complete visibility into the inner workings of your business and customer base, you’ll have unmissable cross and up-selling opportunities on tap, fast insight into any changes in customer spend and truly delighted customers. Calling your customers at the right time, for all the right reasons has never been easier.


Empower Your Sales Team Anytime. Anywhere.

Put the power back in your sales team’s hands, sales-i mobile applications are available no matter where your sales reps find themselves. With sales-i you’ll never miss an opportunity to sell – with or without an internet connection.

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