Naveo Commerce and Strategix introduce Naveo Commerce Online Grocery Solution to the Polish Market

Naveo Commerce and Strategix announce partnership to introduce the Naveo Commerce Online Grocery platform to the Polish grocery market.

Naveo Commerce – the creator of the award-winning online grocery Connected Commerce platform – and Strategix, a boutique consulting company and system integrator are partnering. 

Introducing the Naveo Connected Commerce platform to the Polish grocery market. 

This partnership will allow Polish grocers to take their offering online in a matter of weeks and provide their customers with a convenient, personalized shopping experience coupled with the most effective fulfillment solution on the market.

Online Grocery Delivery in Poland

Online grocery has been slow to start in Poland. The global spread of Covid19 virus has been a game changer as consumers have learned to buy food online driving an increasing demand of online grocery services in Poland. 

All data indicates this growth is sticky and there is fundamental change in consumer behaviour. The partnership will provide Polish grocery retailers a platform specially designed for online grocery accompanied with local support services for implementation and support.

Strategix & Naveo: Experts in Grocery eCommerce

Strategix is perfectly placed to help retailers make the challenging concept of making online grocery fulfilment a success. It boasts a long history of involvement in the grocery sector. 

Naveo’s partnership allows Strategix to enter the demanding online grocery segment with the perfect end-to-end platform. After the successful launch in Poland, Strategix is planning to roll-out the cooperation to its other focus markets.

With the help of Strategix ́s services and Naveo Commerce ́s cloud based Connected Commerce platform taking a retailer’s brand and assortment online is no longer a time consuming and difficult project.

Seamless Retail eCommerce Deployment

Deploying Naveo Commerce ́s platform is a streamlined, rapid, and cost-efficient process, which can be completed in weeks. 

Additionally, the Connected Commerce platform is a true end-to-end solution covering everything from web frontends to last mile, including efficient store fulfillment modules. 

The platform is market tested with grocery retail incumbents such as the Co-op UK and the Finnish S-Group. Today more than a quarter million grocery orders are placed through the platform each month.

“The rapid, global spread of the COVID-19 virus has changed online grocery shopping habits forever. Out of sheer necessity, it has educated the public that buying food; fruits and vegetables, perishable products, etc., is reliable, doable, and easy. Online grocery purchasing has seen a surge as millions of consumers stay home but must still feed their loved ones. Online grocery has been slow to pick-up in the mainland Europe, but we are now seeing that the market share grew from 1-3% to near double digits in only a few weeks. We are proud to be a partner with Strategix and excited for the opportunities this will provide us. The partnership reinforces our position as the leading online grocery platform provider in the world”, explains Moris Chemtov, CEO of Naveo Commerce.

Covid-19 Accelerates Online Grocery Delivery

In particular, the coronavirus crisis has accelerated development of the food delivery and retail ecommerce. Months of restrictions on traditional retail sales and free movement of people have forced even the most conservative merchants and sellers to use the ecommerce. 

This has created a new habit of consumption among millions of Poles and opening new distribution channels for online retailers and omnichannel suppliers.

Research into Retail eCommerce

According to the German Statistical Portal Statista, by 2021 the world eCommerce market will be $4.9 trillion per year. According to an analysis carried out by Digital Commerce 360, online sales worldwide increased on average by 20% per year between 2016 and 2019. 

At the same time, offline retail sales increased by 3.5% per year. If this trend continues, the global eCommerce market will exceed the size of traditional retail trade by 2036.

That is why our partnership with Naveo is important from a point of view potential projects” explains Mariusz Koczor, CEO of Strategix CFT sp.zo.o.

About Naveo Commerce

Naveo Commerce is an international end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and
Fulfilment technology company helping SMBs and Enterprise across all
retail segments to manage and grow their business online. The company
was founded in 2020 following the merger of Digital Goodie and Maginus,
unifying cloud-based Headless Commerce expertise, Order Management
Systems and Fulfilment solutions to establish one of the only companies
globally to be able to offer entire end-to-end commerce support to
retailers. The Maginus partnership with Magento and Episerver continues
to operate as part of a consulting arm sitting under the Naveo Commerce
brand. The company is financially backed by Black Dragon Capital.

About Strategix CFT

Strategix CFT GmbH is a boutique consulting company and system integrator specialized in the area of Category Management. Our mission is to help leading retailers achieve growth and sustainability by progressing merchandising productivity. We do this by providing Space and Category Management expertise, a deep understanding of available technologies on the market as well as honest and sincere business process and technology recommendations based on 20+ years of experience. Strategix has already helped leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide to execute a seamlessly integrated space and assortment management.

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